Mission Fitness is a state of the art fitness facility located in Livingston, NJ. Mission Fitness thrives on the success of well-being and progression of its members. To help our members meet their fitness goals, we utilize functional movements and stress the importance of proper technique to enhance their mind, body, and challenge them to try new skills and commit to improving every day.

We are a thriving community of everyday people. The ages of our athletes range from 18 to 75. Regardless of your age, gender, or current fitness condition, we have the equipment and coaching staff to train the highest levels of fitness to those who are new to exercise. Our coaches will show you how to better yourself, but the commitment to succeed will come from you. If you commit, you will see results quicker than any other program available.

Our workouts are constantly varied, using functional movements combined with intensity. We use our whole body to run, jump, climb, press, pull, squat, carry, throw, and lift. We combine various modalities of training like Olympic weightlifting, basic balance and coordination skills of gymnastics, kettlebells, medicine balls, and other methods that have stood the test of time and have shown proven results.

We utilize group classes to maximize results. In addition to a high level of personal attention, you get the added benefits of camaraderie, competition, and fun. The class setting creates a level of competition and intensity unmatched in traditional gyms or bootcamps. The class setting motivates you to push harder, endure longer and achieve results.

Lastly, we want you to have fun. Achieving your fitness and nutritional goals should not be a chore. Class at Mission Fitness is something our athletes look forward to everyday. There is nothing regular or routine about what we do. We plan on giving you the best possible experience everyday that will make you like coming to the gym.

To inquire about membership pricing please email us or call 973-943-0677
Adult and Youth memberships available.
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*Drop-In Classes: $20/Class. (You must belong to another affiliate). First Session is Free.
We offer the following membership discounts.

First Responder Discount

15% OFF monthly membership

Veteran / Military Personel Discount

15% OFF monthly membership

Student Discount

15% OFF monthly membership

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Current Members

Bring a family or friend member that joins or signs up for at least 6 months membership and you receive 1 month free.

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