Wednesday 5/13

For Time (25 Minute Time Cap) Cash-in: Run .5 miles 10 Rounds 10 Hang DB Snatch 5 HSPU/10 Hand Release Pushups Cash-Out: Run .5 miles Accessory Work A1: negative push ups (lower to the ground as slow as possible) X5-7 reps Rest 1 minute A2: dumbbell row (3 seconds up) X12 reps p/s Rest 90…


Tuesday 5/12

Minutes 0-10(8 min time cap)
For time-
DB squats
Burpees over DB

Minutes 10-finish
5 rounds-
40 Du/80 Su
30 Russian twists

Accessory Work
A1: Sumo Goblet Squat
x10 reps
Rest 30 seconds
A2: Sumo stance good morning with dumbbell behind head
x10 reps
Rest 1 minute

Wednesday 4/29

(20 rminute time cap) Minutes 0-10(rest remainder of 10 minutes when you finish) For Time:( 21 Burpees 1 Round of DB DT 18 Burpees 1 Round of DB DT 15 Burpees 1 Round of DB DT 12 Burpees 1 Round of DB DT Minutes 10-finish 21 Air Squats Hops over the DB 1 Round of…